Florence panorama
Florence center Station Santa Maria Novella

SMN Florence’s first railway station, “Leopolda”, was built in 1844 designed by Robert Stephenson, son of the railway inventor, also being one of Italy’s first, placed outside city walls. No trace remains today. The present Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station is the main national and international railway station in Florence and is used by 59 million people every year. The building, designed by Giovanni Michelucci, was built in the Italian Rationalism style. The train station is located behind the Basilica of S. Maria Novella. It was built between 1933 and 1935. It was intended to be a modern structure in pietra forte in perfect harmony with the centuries-old constructions surrounding it. The inside roof is made of glass, the floor is in marble and serpentine and there are many benches, baggage rests, and small bronze drinking fountains. Firenze Santa Maria Novella station is very central: you should be able to walk to most centro storico museums and attractions.

Santa Maria Novella Station, Florence A great atrium covered by the characteristic glass cascade and a central gallery anticipating in its functions the one found in Rome. External coverings take on the city’s colours while inside, art works and sculptures by artists Ottone Rosai, Mario Romoli and Attilio Griselli remind of Florence’s cultural heritage. The new station was built outside Santa Maria Novella church, from which it takes its name. Inside the station you can find various shops and catering establishments, railways offices and passenger services, restaurant, a bank agency and a pharmacy. ETR 500 at Florence SMN