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Santo Spirito church, Florence Santa Maria del Santo Spirito ("St. Mary of the Holy Spirit") is one of the main churches in Florence, Italy. it is located in the Oltrarno. The current church was constructed over the pre-existing ruins of an Augustinian convent from the 13th century, destroyed by a fire. Filippo Brunelleschi began designs for the new building as early as 1428. The main altar, designed in 1599 by Giovanni Caccini, is rather unfortunate; though it is perhaps the finest Baroque altar in Florence, with beautiful inlays of semiprecious stones, it is thoroughly out of place. The 38 side chapels were instead part of Brunelleschi's design. the fourth chapel on the external wall of the right transept, a Madonna with Child and Saints, is by Filippino Lippi, and has Porta San Frediano in the background, while the adoration directly across from it, in the left transept, was done by Ghirlandaio's students

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The Latin cross plan is designed as to maximize the legibility of the grid. The contrast between nave and transept that caused such difficulty at S. Lorenzo was here also avoided. Brunelleschi's facade was never built and left blank. In 1489, a columned vestibule and octagonal sacristy, designed by Simone del Pollaiolo, known as Il Cronaca, and Giuliano da Sangallo respectively, were built to the left of the building. A door was opened up in a chapel to make the connection to the church. The sacristy was designed by Giuliano da Sangallo in 1489, and has an octagonal plan. filippo lippi, santo spirito, oltrarno, firenze