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The bridge is a walkway which was built to connect two palaces, the Palazzo Vecchio and the Palazzo Pitti so the Medici family could walk between the two palaces without actually going outside. Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) crosses the Arno River in its narrowest point. Pont Vecchio is a symbol of the city, and is one of most famous bridge in the world. The history of the bridge is very old: in fact about thousand years ago there was a wooden bridge, while the stone bridge was built later, and it was repeatedly destroyed by invaders and floods.

ponte vecchio, gold shops, Florence, 500 It was originally built in 1345 as Florenceā€™s first bridge across the Arno River and today is celebrated as the sole remaining bridge from the medieval days of Florence. Unfortunately, all other bridges in the city were destroyed during World War II making the Ponte Vecchio truly special. The structure is unusual in that it has shops built along it that once housed butchers and fishmongers who threw their waste over the side and into the river. ponte vecchio, old bridge, firenze
Later, the shops became the workplace of goldsmiths and silversmiths, and today, jewelry sellers dominate the landscape.
On the bridge you will find not just shops but also street performers and portrait artists along the bridge.