Florence panorama
Florence center Piazza dei Ciompi
Piazza dei Ciompi, Loggia del Pesce

Piazza dei Ciompi hosts the Loggia del Pesce made by Giorgio Vasari and the house of Lorenzo Ghiberti.

Originally located in the Old Market of P. della Repubblica, the loggia was dismantled in the late 19th century when the piazza was restructured, and in 1956 it was decided that it should be reassembled in P. dei Ciompi.

The loggia bears the combined coats of arms of Cosimo de Medici and Eleonora of Toledo. Today, a local bar uses it for outdoor seating.

The Mercato delle Pulci (flea market) takes place in the beautiful Piazza dei Ciompi and is set up under partially covered walkways of a mix of permanent and temporary stalls. Some stalls are quite large and set up as small shops. In the market you you will find old coins, collectables, furniture, antique postcards, jewelry, or dusty books. The items found in Piazza dei Ciompi could make the perfect souvenir of the city.

A 1378 revolt by an organization of clothmakers gives this square its name. Ghiberti lived in a house here (look for the small plaque), and Cimabue lived just south on Borgo Allegri.

Flea Market Piazza dei Ciompi DSC_2135

Quieter in the winter months, the market warms up with the seasons and is a great place for a stroll during the long summer evenings.

Nearby are many cafes, bakeries and restaurants: the main street Via Pietrapiana is a direct route from Sant'Ambrogio to the centre of Florence and lined with small interesting shops.