Florence panorama
Florence center Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore
The Duomo, Florence, Italy

In 1296 Arnolfo di Cambio was commissioned to build a new church in the Romanesque style on the site of the old church of Santa Reparata.

Arnolfo di Cambio designed the duomo in the Gothic style, with a main nave and two side aisles, and an apse in the back. The immense Duomo was not completed until 1436, the year it was consecrated.

After di Cambio died in 1302, and a new group of men took over the government of Florence, work stopped for a long time. In 1334, the artist Giotto agreed to work on the Duomo, but he only had time to build the campanile (bell-tower).

In 1418, with most of the cathedral built, Brunelleschi designed a great dome to go over the high altar at the crossing and worked out how to build it.

The cathedral was basically finished in 1436, even though the red, white, and green marble on the outside wasn't finished until four hundred years later.

Duomo, Florence L'Imponenza

On the inside, there are fresco paintings by Paolo Uccello.

The Duomo Museum (Museo dell'Opera del Duomo) is located in the Duomo area near Florence's spectacular Cathedral.

It contains some wonderful sculptures, paintings and Brunelleschi's architectural models for the cathedral's dome.