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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to reserve one or more apartment, what should I do ?

You can choose to book by yourself (for short term staying only, less than 14 nights) or to get help from our customer care service

1a. Book by yourself (Default mode):

  • Start from check availability and follow the booking steps
  • You will be requested to pay an advance payment, please note that the advance payment is charged only after the reservation confirmation
  • Wait for reservation confirmation
  • In most case reservation is confirmed within 48 hours, otherwise credit card is not charged and our customer service will help you.

To see more details on booking process, please see reservation info page

1b. Book with contact manager (help of accommodation manager):

  • Start from contact manager and ask for one or more apartment you would like
  • You can add special requirements such as terrace or washing machine etc…
  • Wait for the accommodation manager answer with proposals and booking details.

The "price per day" or "the price per week" is all included ?

Normally the price is all included, most of the apartments request extra for the final cleaning and some apartments request utilities. In the website page and in the email with the confirmation of availability every extra is specified.

Parking is included ?

Normally parking is not included and the price requested in case it is written on the availability response.

Can I add an extra bed in the apartment?

You will have to ask it before making the reservation.

How I know where the apartment is located?

Please check the map link, available in the search page and in each apartment details page.

I asked about apartment/s availability to accommodation manager but I did not receive any answer today

In some period of the year because we could have too many requests, or when your request is about more than one apartment or in case the apartment requested is no more available, we need a few days to find good alternatives to propose you nearby.

I have chosen the apartment how can I book it?

You can book it by yourself using the "book" button in the accommodation's details page and following the booking steps in the page.
You can also use the "Contact manager" button to ask any question you may have. If you choose our customer care service, you will receive an email with all the information on how to book the apartment/s.

How long could I wait before paying the deposit? (in case you are booking with customer care help)

Normally you will have 48 hours (sometimes the time is different and it is written on the availability response email).
After that time the apartment/s is no more blocked for you and you will have to ask again about availability to be sure the apartment is still available.

I have paid the deposit what happen now?

If you have completed correctly the payment procedure you received an email from the payment system with the confirmation of the payment of the deposit and an email from us with the confirmation of the reservation.
After a few days or less you will receive a confirmation email with all the details ( arrival/departure date, name, email and phone of the responsible that will meet you). After receiving that module please write as soon as possible to the check in responsible and tell her/him your arrival time or any other request.

Who will meet me at the apartment?

In a few days after the deposit payment you will receive an email with an attached confirmation module (pdf) with the details: name, phone, email of the check in responsible that will meet you at the apartment.

Who can write to or call to tell about my arrival time or asking about details of the apartment that I have reserved?

You will have to write or call the check in responsible written on the confirmation module we have sent to you after you have paid the deposit (the module will be sent normally a few days after the deposit payment and it has name, phone, email of the check in responsible).

How is the payment method of the advance payment?

The advance payment is paid by credit card or PayPal

How is your cancellation policy?

Normally you can have full refund of the deposit 15 days prior arrival date but some apartments make different policy ( you can check on the details web page of the apartment ).

How is the payment method of the balance?

Each landlord has is own payment method, some of them accept credit card.

When will I pay the balance?

You will pay the balance on your arrival at the apartment.