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Customer's review, apartment F370 - Mannelli
Total score
8.3 out of 10
Accommodation quality and Check in
Quietness of location 6.5
Welcome by landlord or responsible 8.5
Accommodation Cleaning 10.0
Accommodation size 9.5
Check in satisfaction 8.0
Quality of service provided in the accommodation 8.0
Apartment surroundings 5.0
General Review
How do you rate your overall stay? 8.5
Quality vs. Price
How do you rate quality/price ratio? 9.0
Customers ratings details
Review by Anonymous
The apartment was perfect for what we wanted/needed! The apartment is a 30 min walk to the centre, but we wanted to have some quietness from the city, so it was perfect...... and don`t worry about the trains! They stop running late in the evening :) You wont hear them while you sleep. Size was perfect for we needed. A few things we would suggest....... make sure you have ALL the cash you need to pay! And make sure you have a way to contact the landlord if your running late! There are no phones around...... We messed up on both of these and the landlord was very rude about the whole thing. Granted we were at fault for the situations (we not familiar with closing times of banks or lack of pay phones :P) but I felt the landlord could have been more understanding......
Review by Anonymous
The accommodation is fine. It`s not full of old world charm, but that`s clear from the pictures. We were disappointed that the "views of the Fiesole and the Tuscan countryside" are available due to the apartment looking across a train yard. The foreground of the view is not very attractive apartments, with the background being the views. In addition to the train, there`s a busy road that the apartment faces onto. So, it`s really not that quiet. Also, although the ad says the apartment is in the most elegant residential neighborhood, it`s on the extreme edge of that neighborhood, not in the heart of it. And, to be honest, it`s a 15 minute walk to get to the perimeter of the downtown core (with then up to 15 more minutes to the Duomo, etc)...so it`s not right in the center of any of the action. The landlord was wonderful to us however.