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Customer's review, apartment F245 - Cosimo
Total score
7.2 out of 10
Accommodation quality and Check in
Quietness of location 8.0
Welcome by landlord or responsible 8.0
Accommodation Cleaning 8.0
Accommodation size 8.0
Check in satisfaction 8.0
Quality of service provided in the accommodation 8.0
Apartment surroundings 7.5
General Review
How do you rate your overall stay? 7.5
Quality vs. Price
How do you rate quality/price ratio? 6.5
Customers ratings details
Review by Alok Joshi
This apartment is at an awesome location. There is a general store in less than 100 meters distance to buy every daily need what you need. Apartment is spacious, quiet and all the services were good. We felt the free Wi-Fi was slightly weak but that is not a big deal as you hardly use it on the holidays. The only thing which we felt was ELEVATOR. There were no ELEVATOR in this apartment and there is no name board outside this Apartment, so locating it might be slightly tricky. Except these two niggles I think the Apartment was fantastic and we enjoyed our stay there.
Review by Manuel
a bit pricey but nice and comfortable and very close to downtown