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Customer's review, apartment F243 - Clari
Total score
8.5 out of 10
Accommodation quality and Check in
Quietness of location 8.0
Welcome by landlord or responsible 8.0
Accommodation Cleaning 8.0
Accommodation size 10.0
Check in satisfaction 7.0
Quality of service provided in the accommodation 8.0
Apartment surroundings 9.0
General Review
How do you rate your overall stay? 9.0
Quality vs. Price
How do you rate quality/price ratio? 8.0
Customers ratings details
Review by Anonymous
Please write here your personal opinion about your accommodationWe had a wonderful stay here. We loved the apartment generally-it was beautiful, historic (we enjoyed the frescoes and coffered ceilings) and provide plenty of living space to read, talk and eat together. The heating was good. We also found the location excellent.We do think some things could be improved.Washing up- we had to buy tea towels and cloths to wipe down the sink as none were provided. The sink needs a draining rack.It is a nuisance getting rid of the rubbish and there should be recycling.The people upstairs were noisy walking around at night-we were woken up at 2.30 and 3.00am several times.