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Scoppio del Carro Florence is a city full of events during the year, information about cultural, trade and wine-food past events in Florence. We just make a list of main events

Scoppio del carro "Explosion of carriage"

Every Easter Sunday the city of Florence celebrates at 11:00 am the Explosion of the carriage (Scoppio del Carro), a traditional Easter event.
The wagon (carriage), pulled by a couple of oxes, arrives at Piazza del Duomo with a parade of people in traditional costumes, trumpet players and flag wavers. At a certain moment the Archbishop lights the cord of a rocket, hidden beyond a white dove, which flies along a steel cable and crosses the cathedral. Then it arrives on the square and strikes the wagon that explodes. If the dove's route will encounter some obstacles and if it will not be perfect, the harvest will be scarce, according to popular legend.
Calcio storico "Historical Football game"

In middle age during the siege of Florence, a football game was played in Piazza Santa Croce to provoke the enemy. In memory of this event, at the end of June in the day also of the Patron Saint of the city, Saint John the Baptist, 24 June, a few games of what is now called "calcio storico", historical football, are played.
Maggio musicale Florence Maggio musicale Florence Music: Maggio Musicale (Florence)

The city's major arts festival lasting until early June, with concerts by the Orchestra Regionale Toscano and dance, including ballet performances. Music has always had a fundamental role in the artistic life of Florence, where, at the end of the sixteenth century, the very first operas were performed, following the theory and practice of the Camerata dei Bardi.
Today the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the centre of musical life in Florence, is based at Teatro Comunale, and produces the Maggio Musicale Festival as well as its annual concert, opera and ballet seasons.
The Musical May normally keeps in the months of May and June, but the activities of the Communal Theatre continue all the year, with the exception of a small period in August, with the summery season, the Work of Autumn and the Season of the Ballets (September-December) and the Season Sinfonica (January-April); it offers incredible and a wide one chosen of various musical, able shapes to stimulate the various tastes of public a wide one.
The Orchestra of the Musical May Fiorentino began in 1928, anch'esso thanks to Vittorio Gui, when the Stable Orchestrla Fiorentina was called. Composed of approximately 120 musicians, this orchestra has been directed from the greatest masters of our time. The Chorus of the Musical May Fiorentino was formed in the 1933 from the first Musical May under the guide of Andrea Morosini. The Chorus is at the composed moment gives approximately 100 members and its repertorio does include the traditional and contemporary works and the more important sinfonice compositions.
Fashion Pitti Immagine

Pitti Immagine currently organises the following event: Pitti Immagine Uomo (men's fashion collections) and other fashion exibition.
Many of the communication events and cultural and research initiatives that compare fashion with other contemporary creative languages (visual arts, design, architecture, cinema, photography, advertising and music) are organised by the Pitti Discovery Foundation

Festa della Rificolona (Florence)

7th September, children from all over the area converge at the Piazza della Santissima Annunziata, carrying candlelit paper lanterns to honour the eve of the birth of the Virgin
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Maggio musicale      Today musical life in Florence is focused upon the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Pitti immagine      Men's fashion collections and women's fashion precollections.